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Bekah M, Lancaster,PA

Heather is very attentive and patient. She understands your dog’s needs and will work with them! Heather helped us with 12 weeks of training and dogsitting. She was great with both and I feel very fortunate that we have her as a resource moving forward. She is great with our dog and very patient, which is greatly appreciated. I couldn’t recommend her more!!

I hope there is enough room for all my comments! First of all, I was so impressed how Heather went to great lengths to read up on my dogs' breed before she started training them. Extremely expressive to me! ( my Samoyeds, 12 year old Murphy and 2 year old Erin) Heather also gave me information about the breed that would come in handy teaching me how to continue training my dog, once she felt I was ready to be on my own. Heather is all business, she is there to train and does not waste your money with talking to you about conversations that do not apply to your dog's lesson. Heather is patient, overly kind, supports you with information by email and/ or videos to support you. She is not the one stop shop where it is in and out. You may call her at anytime w/any questions for her incredible knowledge and suggestions to answer your questions. Heather has such a positive, pleasing disposition to do what she does so dogs! She just gives and gives to her owners and their dogs. Heather's philosophy when ending a lesson is" Let's end on a good one," leaving the owner and the pet feel good about the training for the day. Did you know she also babysits dogs, walks them and cares for them while you are away. This I know to be a fact. One final comment ,Heather will let you know when it is time to have you work with your dog only. What I mean by this is Heather will not schedule lessons just to make money. I am so glad I found her.




Very kind and patient with me and slow steady progression any dog/owner can follow. Introduces many different skills that are relative to the dog's needs. Always quick to respond to questions and always gives great advice. The lessons and walking sessions are very enjoyable and stress free. Overall a great experience I would recommend to anyone.


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