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All about Heather

Experienced Dog Trainer

Hello, I am Heather Law. I am a professional dog trainer. I have a background in behavior modification. 

I am passionate about helping dogs and their owners have the best relationship possible.

I take pride in consistency, reliability, structure, and most of all having fun with your dog

In my other professional life, I have worked with children that have autism and other disabilities.  This has been my career for the last 20 years. My desire to work with dogs had become increasingly stronger as time goes on, so I began my part-time career as a professional pet sitter a few years ago.  During this time I have learned about the needs of different breeds of dogs, cats, and farm animals.

As time passed,  I started to see how my background in behavior modification with children transferred quite easily to working with animals, most specifically dogs.  

This has helped me learn to work with multi-dog households as well as high-strung, anxious reactive, and fearful dogs.

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