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Helping You Help Your Pet


Dog training is my most clicked-on service.  I offer different programs and a phone call is where we discuss where your pup would best fit.  I'm routinely adding programs.


Pawsitive Therapy Dogs Program

Interested in joining my team where we visit local assisted living facilities, schools, and community events.  I will evaluate every dog to see if they are a fit for my program and then we will work together on any skills that are lacking and then you will be evaluated and cerftified.


Fear and Reactive Dogs

Is your pup struggling with the world around them? Are you struggling to have people over? Are walks almost impossible?  Sign up for the Fear and Reactive Dog program.  


Service Dog

I will do an evaluation first to see if your dog has the desire to do the job of servie


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If your dream is to have your pup in your wedding photos I can help..

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Pet CPR+

Host a class I'll be the instructor. Send me a message and I'll help you set up the class..


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